Desert Aire Men's Golf Club


                        DUE TO THE COVID-19 VIRUS


                         GOLF COURSE IS CLOSED

The WHS ( World Handicap System) is now active and all scores should be entered daily.  You can either enter your scores hole by hole (without adjustments...and the system will make the adjustments for you based onthe scores you entered )  ORyou can enter youradjusted TOTAL score.  This can either be done on your GHIN App or on the Club House Computer.  Depending on your scores entered and which ones used (best 8 out of 20) will determine your index.  Your index will be updated after midnight of the day your score was posted.  The posting dates for Desert Aire runs March 1st through November 14th.

Please note:  If you are playing in a Men's Club event where your individual score counts.  All scores will be posted for you after the completion of that days round.

Hole # 4 is undergoing a few changes near the green area.  The waste bunker on the left has been eliminated and the cart path on the right side is going away.  The future path will be routed to the left of the green and go around the arborvitaes​ towards the 5th Tee box.  This change will help protect those approaching the green from possibly being hit by players teeing off on the 5th Hole.  

In addition, half the arborvitaes have been removed to improve maintenance.  The scraggly trees to the right and short of the green will be removed. These will be replaced with a rock garden similar to the one between the 10th Tee box and the 18th green.  Also, the Fir tree between number 4 & 5 (near the green box) has been removed and the surrounding ground area will be repaired and improved.